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PriorityCareSolutions™ is a national specialty managed care services and network provider for the workers' compensation industry.

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Contact us at 866.932.5779 or to schedule any of our services or request additional information.

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Priority Care Solutions' Mission and Vision Statements.

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Patient-centered, coordinated and seamless care transitions. From prospective sub-acute facility placement to custom equipment and home care needs, our care transition product improves care quality as your injured worker transitions between treatment environments.

Priority HomeHealth™

High quality home health and skilled nursing network partners ensure injured workers receive patient-centered and appropriate care.


Our national network of credentialed durable medical equipment and supply vendors offers prompt delivery, convenience and significant savings below fee schedule.

Priority Diagnostics™

Our national network of credentialed diagnostic imaging providers ensures prompt scheduling, quality services and substantial cost savings.


Highly skilled accessibility specialists and contractors with specialized training provide successful home, vehicle and workspace modifications.


Excellent customer service and advanced processes ensure the highest level of trip success and interpretation services.


A comprehensive and unique pharmacy benefit management solution for workers' compensation payers.

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Contact us at 866.932.5779 or to schedule any of our services or request additional information.