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Patient transitions between care settings represent a critical component of the care continuum.  Our innovative and industry leading network of sub-acute facilities combined with our comprehensive platform of ancillary and home health care services uniquely positions PCS as an expert resource for all post-surgical, catastrophic and medically complex cases.  Our dedicated and experienced PriorityPoint™ Care Coordinators work collaboratively with Examiners, Case Managers and Discharge Planners to add value to every care transition by improving communication structures, services coordination and care quality.

PriorityPoint™ Services for Post-Surgical, Catastrophic, and Medically Complex Cases Include:

Sub-Acute Facility Types:

Skilled Nursing and Home Health:

Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies:


Medical Transportation:


To learn more about PriorityPoint™ or place a referral, please contact a PriorityPoint™ Care Coordinator at 1.866.932.5779 or