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Injured employees with permanent physical impairment following a catastrophic injury often require structural changes to their residence or vehicle to ensure safety, mobility and activities of daily living. Locating and engaging reputable, licensed contractors to perform home or vehicle modifications is a complex process. Leverage our experience. PCS understands how to address your injured employee's unmet functional limitations and modification needs without losing focus on process efficiency and cost management.

Our experienced Project Managers monitor contractor performance utilizing pre-determined project milestones, end points and on-site visits. Multiple, itemized quotes are reviewed with each client prior to project inception. Active project management ensures the scope, timelines and costs for each project are managed to project completion.

PriorityModifications™ Services Include:

Home Modifications:

Vehicle Modifications:

For more information on our home and vehicle modifications program, please contact us at: 1.866.932.5779 or